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Individual offers.

PowerPoint was yesterday, frontal knowledge transfer is out! Participants in MICE events increasingly want to be addressed in a fresh new way, and Bremerhaven is well equipped for this: in our MICE network, conference and event planners will find creative personalities for moderation or coaching who will assist you in implementing inspiring formats. A little taste of the possibilities:

Brown bad meeting up to 60 min

… informal meeting or exchange around lunchtime. Called brown bag, because the participants bring their lunch with them, which our caterers pack in brown paper bags in the American style. You decide whether your brown bag meeting takes place in a chic Bremerhaven conference room with a view of the Weser or, in good weather, right on the dike!

PECHAKUCHA 06:40 min

… lecture technique in which images matching an oral presentation are projected against the wall. There is a simple formula behind the format: 20 pictures with 20 seconds talk time each. The total time of 6:40 minutes is therefore also the maximum speaker time. In Bremerhaven, you learn to get to the point.


… in the length of an elevator ride, the participants must be convinced of the positive aspects of a project, start-up or product. The matter is described concisely, with the intention of awakening interest in further discussion. You can also practice this technique in Bremerhaven during an elevator ride in the ATLANTIC Hotel Sail City building.

FISHBOWL 30 – 45 min

… this format was probably developed especially for Bremerhaven – it fits our favorite topic of fish perfectly! Sometimes discussions in large groups are difficult to moderate, so this method is based on an inner circle (discussion participants) and an outer circle (listeners). In the inner circle (the fishbowl), there are max. 4 – 5 chairs for the debaters, but audience members from the outer circle may move in to occupy empty chairs.


… here the participants move through different stations, at which they interactively or even practically pursue various questions and tasks. A playful format that is held in cool locations in Bremerhaven.


… the dike is one of our crown jewels – use it to send your thoughts on a journey to new ideas. We provide you with competent tour guides from the worlds of science, economy or culture. And a fresh pinch of North Sea air is of course included.

OPEN SPACE 2 – 3 Tage

... the participants submit their topics to the plenum and create a working group for each topic. In these groups, projects are developed, and the results collected at the end. Open Space is ideal for large groups. In a short time, you can generate a large variety of specific measures. All in Bremerhaven!


... a BarCamp is a kind of “un” conference, because there are only participants: in the morning, they spontaneously set up a joint program; all those present are then involved. In this session planning, lectures are announced, discussions agreed upon, and workshops offered. This allows you to develop a varied program for your event in Bremerhaven that completely meets the needs of the participants. 


... Think plus Marathon – joint reflection on given topics and questions. This format is intended to lead to new enthusiasm and a new approach for a topic from unusual perspectives. Here it is important to have a previously set knowledge target and a moderator who leads through the thinkathon. 


... a round table session is an interactive event format at round tables, where each table discusses a different topic. An initiator speaks for a maximum of 15 minutes, then opens up the discussion to the circle and becomes the moderator at this table. Suitable for 8 to 10 people per table.


... great opportunity for a series of presentations in a short time: the speakers are arranged in a large circle around the edge of the room, while the spectators stand in the middle. Ideally, there should be 6 – 7 listeners for each speaker. As soon as the moderator rings the bell, the audience divides into groups and goes to the speakers. These have 5 minutes for presentation and questions. Then the bell rings again and the groups change clockwise until all the speakers have been heard.