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Regional, seasonal, delicious! No matter whether the offering is delicious food from Neptune’s kingdom, from the juicy pastures of the Weser Marsh, or crisp fruit and vegetables from the surrounding countryside: Things are always fresh and tasty in Bremerhaven. Fish rolls, flying buffet, festive dinner, mulled wine event at the quay, cocktails on Samoa in the Climate House Bremerhaven 8° East, vegan creations, gin and tonic in the New York Bar, or brownies & cookies: Our experienced chefs, bakers, caterers and bartenders also have their fingers on the pulse of the times. Come and try the variety! 

Yummy leftovers – ATLANTIC Hotel Sail City

Brownies & cookies

Fish catering by Deutsche See

H.-J. Fiedler sea delicacies

Katie’s Pastry

findus – the home of dining culture

Fish buffet on the restaurant ship Hansa

Restaurant Mulberry ST

Cocktails at the Haverkamp Hotel bar

Fischkochstudio at the Fischbahnhof